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An overview of the software

 Slide show of Sales Assist POS software ( lite Version)

  • dashboard
  • product
  • product list
  • sales
  • sales list
  • todays sales report
  • yearly sales report
  • monthly sale report
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multi-user system



  • networked to enable more users
  • A secure networked environment

Barcode Integration



  • easy to integrate a barcode reader or scanner
  • software is able to generate and print barcode


Free Website



  • get a free  blog website
  • visit this link for more details


Detail Reports


  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly sales reports
  • Sales charts

Choose a plan that fit your needs

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  Lite version GHC 6000 1. Records sales transactions quickly and easily 2.Generates and prints professional looking receipts 3.Works with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners 4.Manages item pricing and discounts 5.Reports to analyze sales by sales person or by item 6.Data backup and ready to restore feature to keep data safe 7.Designed to be very easy to use for day-to-day operation sign up