SMS technology provides you a great opportunity to expand your reach to your target clients as well as serve them in a far effective and efficient manner


Today, technology is moving towards the future of the wireless web. Mobile devices such as tablets, hand-held’s, and smart phones are becoming all the rage. People want these devices to do everything including accessing their e-mail accounts, browsing the Internet, accessing personal and corporate information etc. One type of service that is available is a technology called SMS (Short Messaging Service). SMS is the technology that allows text messages to be received and sent over mobile devices. SMS first appeared in Europe in 1992. It was included in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standards right at the beginning.


The principle objectives for the implementation of the Bulk SMS Technology are stipulated below;

  • To create a fast, efficient and reliable mode of communication with your clients and staff.
  • To reduce the cost of communication as compared to other forms of advertising.
  • To provide enhanced and comprehensive customer service through fast response time.


There are many reasons why SMS is considered an effective way of communication. Some of the most common reasons are;

  • Cost Effective; compared with other forms of communication, SMS is a very cost effective and incredibly practical, reliable, and affordable method of communication.
  • Extensive Reach; Statistics of mobile communication users is 8-9 times more, compared to other communication channels. It has advantages over normal telephone, fax and email. The client receives the message instantly. Messages can be sent to a large number of clients.
  • Speed; Messages can be delivered to the recipient in seconds all depending on the specific gateway used, route of delivery and coverage of the mobile operator.
  • Time Saving; Instead of crafting a message and then sending it to each client, one message is created and then sent to a whole group of clients. It can be sent at once to a large group, manually or automatically.
  • Reliability; As SMS is a personal communication facility, receiving it would not go unnoticed and it also grabs the attention of the receiver. In a short period of time, SMS has built up a reputation for itself as reliable communication system, guaranteeing almost 100 % delivery to the receiver.
  • Fast response time; Most mobile phone users have their phones with them most of the time and check their incoming messages before deleting them. Many consumers store the messages on their phones until a later date and then make use of the specials. The response time on average is however, within 24 to 48hours of receiving the messages. This means that sales conversions can be reached within a short period.


Below is a list of the main features of our Bulk SMS Software:

  • SMS, 160 Characters.
  • Flash SMS, even blinking.
  • Any originator, also alphanumeric ( send sms with your company name)
  • Phonebook with the ability to detect duplicates and Templates
  • Functions to import text files, spreadsheets and other SMS databases
  • Detailed tracking and documentation of your sending
  • Send log with delivery notifications
  • Very detailed explanations regarding the delivery state of messages
  • Deferred delivery time with the ability to define periodic send-jobs
  • No need for additional hardware, only access to the Internet required
  • Sending of bulk messages possible